Welcome to The Grand Illusion: Pelosi, Get Real

LP Cover from the 80’s band “Styx” entitled
Welcome to The Grand Illusion

Yeah, Yeah, I know, TWO posts in one day?  What is going on?!

 Well, I came across this awesome piece in the Washington Post and just *had* to share!   Read the article in its entirety below , the link is here.

The Speaker’s Grand Illusion
Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats Need to Get Real About What They’ve Accomplished

By David S. Broder
Thursday, December 27, 2007; A17

After one year of Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, public approval ratings for Congress have sunk below their level when Republicans were still in control. A Post poll this month put the approval score at 32 percent, the disapproval at 60.

In the last such survey during Republican control, congressional approval was 36 percent. So what are the Democrats to make of that? They could be using this interregnum before the start of their second year to evaluate their strategy and improve their standing. But if Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the House and leader of their new majority, is to be believed, they are, instead, going to brag about their achievements.

In a year-end “fact sheet,” her office proclaimed that “the Democratic-led House is listening to the American people and providing the New Direction the people voted for in November. The House has passed a wide range of measures to make America safer, restore the American dream and restore accountability. (Marc’s CommentaryAccountability? Like in the over 9,000 earmarks in the $555 BILLION recent Spending Bill) We are proud of the progress made this session and recognize that more needs to be done.”

While surveys by The Post and other news organizations show that the public believes little or nothing of value has been accomplished in a year of bitter partisan wrangling on Capitol Hill, Pelosi claims that “the House has had a remarkable level of achievement over the first year, passing 130 key measures — with nearly 70 percent passing with significant bipartisan support.”

That figure is achieved by setting the bar conveniently low — measuring as bipartisan any issue in which even 50 House Republicans broke ranks to vote with the Democrats. Thus, a party-line vote in which Democrats supported but most Republicans opposed criminal penalties for price-gouging on gasoline was converted, in Pelosi’s accounting, into a “bipartisan” vote because it was backed by 56 Republicans.

There is more sleight of hand in her figures. Among the “key measures” counted in the news release are voice votes to protect infants from unsafe cribs and high chairs, and votes to require drain covers in pools and spas. Such wins bulk up the statistics. Many other “victories” credited to the House were later undone by the Senate, including all the restrictions on the deployment of troops in Iraq. And on 46 of the measures passed by the House, more than one-third of the total, the notation is added, “The president has threatened to veto,” or has already vetoed, the bill.

One would think that this high level of institutional warfare would be of concern to the Democrats. But there is no suggestion in this recital that any adjustment to the nation’s priorities may be required. If Pelosi is to be believed, the Democrats will keep challenging the Bush veto strategy for the remaining 12 months of his term — and leave it up to him to make any compromises.

An honest assessment of the year would credit the Democrats with some achievements. They passed an overdue increase in the minimum wage and wrote some useful ethics legislation. They finally took the first steps to increase the pressure on Detroit to improve auto mileage efficiency.

But much of the year’s political energy was squandered on futile efforts to micromanage the strategy in Iraq, and in the end, the Democrats yielded every point to the president. That left their presidential candidates arguing for measures in Iraq that have limited relevance to events on the ground — a potential weak point in the coming election.

The major Democratic presidential hopefuls all have their political careers rooted in Congress, and the vulnerabilities of that Congress will in time come home to roost with them. Today, Democrats take some comfort from the fact that their approval ratings in Congress look marginally better than the Republicans’. In the most recent Post poll, Democrats are at 40 percent approval; Republicans, at 32 percent. But more disapprove than approve of both parties.

That is another reason it behooves the Democrats to get real about their own record on Capitol Hill. It needs improvement. And in less than a year, the voters will deliver their own verdict.


“Marc has a new fave at the WaPo”


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DailyKos: Some messed up compass!


aka “The Daily Whine”

I have, and always will be, a firm believer in the old adage, “Know thy enemy”.  With that said, I have decided that there is a need from time to time to stroll over to the Daily Kos and see what kind of drivel they are conjuring up.  Well, to comically quote Peanut, the purple furry ape in ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s comedy act, “OH MY GOD!”

 Left of Center has taken on a whole new meaning!  The post that caught my eye on this visit to the Kosacks was this one, here. It addresses the ever popular “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” on the simple act of providing some sort of photo ID when voting in this country. Now, after reading the long winded post by Avenging Angel, I guess that some people missed the “common sense line” when they were born.

We, as a nation, regardless of political affiliation, are regularly asked to present some form of Photo ID when we do any of the following:

Cash a Check
Pay with a Check
Use a Credit Card
Open a Bank Account
Close a Bank Account
Pick Up a Child at School
Apply for a Passport
Travel within the United States
Travel outside of the United States
When we are pulled over by Law Enforcement
When we are questioned by Law Enforcement
Applying for a job
Applying for almost any kind of insurance
Entering a Government Building
Renting a Car ….

…… I think you get the point. So, why? Why is it so far fetched to simply ask for some sort of photo ID when heading to the Voting Booth? We do it in all different facets of our daily lives without even thinking about it, yet it makes people on the far left go NUTS when it is used in the context of voting! They claim that it is an attack on their party, it will keep Democrats from going to the polls. Huh? And the worst part is, most Americans already have a Driver’s License or a State Issued photo ID card and many of us have passports as well. So, I guess the question is, what percentage of Voting Americans will be turned away from going to the polls by refusing to obtain some sort of Photo ID?

“…the Indiana, Georgia and other similar laws are an essential ingredient of the Republican strategy of “Divide, Suppress and Conquer” which aims to drive down the participation of potential Democratic and independent voters through unprecented redistricting, curbs on registration, onerous new ID requirements, and polling place eligibility challenges…”

Why is voting being singled out while other such mundane tasks as banking are considered acceptable?

Redistricting? (Is that even in the legislation?)

Curb Registration? It hasn’t stopped people from getting Driver’s Licenses, what makes the Left think that is will effect voters?

ID Requirements? There are ID requirement for just about everything on this planet – let alone in this Nation! The EU has even more stringent use of photo IDs and all the other nations of the Western World. Hmm, I wonder if they know about the ID cards that are required in some Middle-Eastern nations? The ones where they (GASP!) include an individual’s religion!

Poling Place Eligibility Challenges? So, should we be assuming that all polling places are now run, nationwide, by we neo-cons? Does that mean that we should expect different behavior from poll workers during the Democratic Primaries vs. the Republican Primaries? What in God’s name are these people thinking???

So, I guess they have no problem with all the other kinds of fraud that goes on in our nation today. Social Security Fraud, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Tax Fraud … all of these types of fraud cost our nation and taxpayers billions each year. Why then, please just let me ask why, we can’t tackle voter fraud?

Ok, I want to see hard numbers. I want to see this Avenging Angel to go out into a highly Democratic Congressional District and ask potential voters how to curb voter fraud. Who wants to bet the farm that over 80% will say that a photo ID will suffice?

Once again, the Left does what it does best, whine and not present a logical, well thought out alternative. But then again, they have no time for that because they only actively participate in the Blame Game.

*eyes rolling*


– Marc

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Washington Post: Spitzer Abandons Immigrant Licenses


YES!  The WaPo is reporting  here that NY Governor Elliot Spitzer has decided to throw in the towel on the immigrant license plan!  As a proud New Yorker myself, I was thrilled to read this latest news.  Yet the sheer beauty of it all is that the Dems fell on their own sword on this one.   I seriously doubt it would have taken center stage at if it were for the Democratic Presidential Debate, so I actually get to thank her for that.  Spitzer all about had this one in the bag it appeared, yet when it became a national debate fodder with Hillary’s inability to say YES or NO, it became dynamite.

 It was interesting to read via the WaPo that approximately 70% of New Yorkers were against the licenses.  I actually found that somewhat of a surprise, a welcomed surprise to say the least.  I sense that no state wants to be the “first” to put the nail in the coffin of what citizenship stands for.  In all honestly, aside from the right to vote, what else do illegals have to gain?  They are eligible for social services, public and private educations, they can have bank accounts and loans, they work, pay minimal taxes, can drive cars, get insurance and get a license.   What else is really left?

 Yet, I am wondering of either the Hillary Campaign or the Democratic Party itself, asked Spitzer to fall on his sword to get this issue out of the news cycle.   What do you think?

 UPDATE 11/15 @ 10:26 am:  It seems that after a Democratic pow-wow in Washington, Clinton now supports Spitzer’s actions in abandoning licenses for immigrants and has decided to make immigration center stage.  More here.

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John Kerry “fighting” torture – huh?


I have had comments deleted now here and here in response to the absurd new “fight” that John Kerry has aligned himself with, torture and Veterans’ issues.   In the above posts he refers to the present debate over water-boarding and goes on a rant about how it is immoral among other things.  For those of you unaware of Kerry’s life before becoming a U.S. Senator, he was one of the major faces of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War after his brief service in Vietnam. 

He testified before Congress about supposed “atrocities” committed by US Servicemen while serving in Vietnam.  He referred to these men as baby-killers, rapists and war mongers just to mention a few.  For his full testimony, feel free to go here.  Yet now it seems, with a Republican in the White House, John Kerry is returning to his Veteran roots and is now supposedly reaching out to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are “in need of help”.  Being the cynical person that I am, I find this almost comical.   A generation ago he was doing everything he could to disgrace and dishonor anyone who served during Vietnam, yet today, for political spite he is embracing the same type of heroes that he shunned in the early 1970’s. 

 Going a step further, he again attempted to “bury” our POW/MIAs so as to give the White House the cover to re-establish relations and eventually trade with the Vietnamese long before they gave us a full accounting for our missing American Servicemen.  He saw to it that information presented before the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was brushed under the rug on hundreds of cases to paint a bleak picture of the issues to the general public.

Yet, today he is speaking out again torture and reaching out to Veterans.  During Vietnam more than just a handful of former POWs directly attribute their augmentation of the level of torture they received as well as extending their time in captivity to John Kerry’s actions as a spokesperson for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.  Speeches and public statements made by Kerry and his ilk were played repeatedly over the PA system in the Hanoi Hilton.  This has come straight from the mouths of these men.  

I have personally spoken with Vietnam Veterans who were spit on when they returned from Southeast Asia.  Marines who, after hearing about what was happening to their fellow fighting men upon their return to the States, decided to change out of their uniforms in the airport bathroom into civilian clothes to avoid confrontations with the public.  These acts of disrespect are correlated to Kerry’s testimony linked above.   But, today, it seems he has some ulterior motive to offer “help” to our returning heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan.

One has to ask, what is his reason for involving himself with these issues today?  His involvement historically has been, to put it kindly, sporadic at best and surely not in support of our fighting men.

I wonder what he is up to ….. now.

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Dick Morris: Are Hillary and Bill imploding?


Like it or not, Dick Morris has an insider’s view to the Clintons that can only be rivaled by George Stephanoplis. Morris’ take on the former First Family is much more than water-cooler fodder and politically minded Americans truly need to listen to him. As I have commented on other blogs, few here in New York believe that Hillary cares for our great state, we were merely a springboard to her run for the White House. The reasons for choosing New York were many I am sure, none being more enticing than the amount of money she could generate from the wealthiest of New Yorkers.

Yet, what Hillary never took into consideration is the one thing, particularly since 9/11, that makes New Yorkers who were are. We demand many things, one of them being loyalty. You don’t have to go much beyond Yankee Stadium to have a visual perception of this fact. Many of us around the Empire State are keenly aware of the fact that Hillary used us and are none too happy about it.

Here Dick Morris nails Hillary for her smoke and mirrors routine and the fact that Bill is far too involved with the day to events of her campaign. Simply put Hillary cannot have it both ways yet, that is exactly what she is trying to do. She tries to appear strong in standing up to the Boys Club but yet when they push back she retreats to the female portion of the Democratic Party based to stir up some more publicity. Make no mistake about it, Hillary’s appearance at Welsley the day after the most recent Presidential Debate was no fluke. It was methodically planned. If she got stomped on, she could have a Ladies Night to complain about the men or if she had a successful debate, she could scream “Girl Power” with her alma mater fan club. As Dick Morris regularly reminds us, everything in the Clinton Camp is methodically planned and scheduled, not much unlike a movie script.

Yet the question is, has all of the marketing and publicity leading up to this film’s faux -pas ridden premiere by the leading couple that the voting public just isn’t going to spend their hard earned votes on this film that is sure to flop?

Let’s just say that I’m sure that the majority of loyal New Yorkers will not be waiting in line to see this film.

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Open Question to the McCain Campaign – How does John McCain’s status as a former POW make him a presidential candidate?


There it is!  That is what I would like those McCain supporters out there to come on over here and answer for me.  Why is it that McCain regularly makes reference to his former POW status?  Does that status truly have any direct link to his ability to run this nation economically, politically or militarily?

 Let’s see what kind of response we get ….

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Response to the State Department Officers refusing to go to Iraq …


Here you will find an amazing response to the State Department situation with regard to those employees who don’t want to be posted in Iraq or Afghanistan due to the war.

I know quite a bit about Mike and his take on this is spot on. Taking his thoughts a step further, I can recall those State Department employees who were held hostage in Iran for 444 days during the Carter Administration, I don’t think I ever heard one of them complain about being posted there. They went through hell on Earth and Mike Benge, a civilian POW during the Vietnam War went though his own hell, watching the female he was captured with die right in front of him and he wasn’t allowed to do a thing to help her. All the while, he was in Vietnam to do just that, help people.

As Mike so eloquently puts it, you take an Oath, just like those brave men and women in uniform do. So, just suck it up! There are millions of people around the world who would happily risk their lives to have all we have here and represent this great nation given the chance.

Fire them all I say! Then, as Duncan Hunter suggested, get some of our wounded military in there. There are more than enough, I am sure, who are college educated and would happily substitute their inability to fully serve in uniform with the ability to serve our nation in a similar fashion.

Thanks to our “feel good” education philosophies we have raised a generation of thankless young people who want nothing more than everything done their way. Our Schools are supposed to be preparing our nation’s young people for the real world. Yet, the “feel good” world inside our schools has no resemblance whatsoever to the real world. This present situation is a perfect example.

God Bless You, Mike!

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