Random Shots for September 13, 2007

Our Nation’s Capital

Random Shots… The political landscape is simply amuck with perplexing labyrinths, most stemming from the response to General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress, the military’s Iraq report card if you will.  The rippling effect of this is interesting to say the least.  The most obvious is the MoveOn.org ad referring to the General as a liar and a betrayer.  This is a perfect example of what my mom told me an education was all about; learning to be civil in the case of a disagreement and using your intelligence to argue your opposing view point.  As we all well know by now, the Left, and not just in this instance I might add, has taken to name calling, and much worse for no other reason that the “shock effect” of it all.  The MoveOn.org people are simply showing their true colors by going to such lengths as personal attacks on a man who, for all extensive purposes, is responsible for keeping their sorry bottoms safe from all enemies foreign and domestic.  It would appear that they are indeed the enemy within.   …………… Another interesting thought was presented over at FoxNews.com.  With the presidential election atmosphere so prevalent so early for the ’08 Elections, the most obvious question is, are the members of Congress placating to their voting block or making decisions that are right for America?  As a constituent of the Jr. Senator from NY, Hillary Clinton, her performance this week has reeked of placation.  No matter what General Petraeus could have said, it would not have been good enough for her or anyone on her side of the aisle.  She had her words prepared knowing that she would have a captive TV audience, no missed opportunities for the lady from Chappaqua, sound byte in hand.  If you get the opportunity, head on over to Yahoo.com.  They have an online debate with presidential candidates.  Be sure to check out the clip of Hillary responding to Bill Moyer’s question about being fooled by President Bush.  She said that the first thing she will do when she takes over the office of the President of the United States is to bring our troops home.  The only remaining question, dear Senator of mine, then what?  Wait for the War to come to US?  …………….. The rumor mill is busting with reports that some kind of substance has appeared on the Vietnam Memorial in the nation’s capital.  This disturbs me to no end as the individuals who would stoop so low as to desecrate a monument that represents the lives of over 58,000 American is simply beyond me.  These people have no message for the American people.  What message is this act sending?   This was simply an act of some desperate soul looking for attention.  I would challenge whoever did this to come face to face with a family member of one of those 58,000 + names and justify their actions.   I know more than a few family members of  names on this sacred wall.  The individual or individuals who did this are cowards in the purest form.  Jan Scruggs, the president of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, the organization that oversees the Wall has been oddly dodging the question as to whether or not this was vandalism or “an accident”.  An accident that covers about 20 panels?  PLEASE!!!


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