Response to the State Department Officers refusing to go to Iraq …


Here you will find an amazing response to the State Department situation with regard to those employees who don’t want to be posted in Iraq or Afghanistan due to the war.

I know quite a bit about Mike and his take on this is spot on. Taking his thoughts a step further, I can recall those State Department employees who were held hostage in Iran for 444 days during the Carter Administration, I don’t think I ever heard one of them complain about being posted there. They went through hell on Earth and Mike Benge, a civilian POW during the Vietnam War went though his own hell, watching the female he was captured with die right in front of him and he wasn’t allowed to do a thing to help her. All the while, he was in Vietnam to do just that, help people.

As Mike so eloquently puts it, you take an Oath, just like those brave men and women in uniform do. So, just suck it up! There are millions of people around the world who would happily risk their lives to have all we have here and represent this great nation given the chance.

Fire them all I say! Then, as Duncan Hunter suggested, get some of our wounded military in there. There are more than enough, I am sure, who are college educated and would happily substitute their inability to fully serve in uniform with the ability to serve our nation in a similar fashion.

Thanks to our “feel good” education philosophies we have raised a generation of thankless young people who want nothing more than everything done their way. Our Schools are supposed to be preparing our nation’s young people for the real world. Yet, the “feel good” world inside our schools has no resemblance whatsoever to the real world. This present situation is a perfect example.

God Bless You, Mike!


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