Dick Morris: Are Hillary and Bill imploding?


Like it or not, Dick Morris has an insider’s view to the Clintons that can only be rivaled by George Stephanoplis. Morris’ take on the former First Family is much more than water-cooler fodder and politically minded Americans truly need to listen to him. As I have commented on other blogs, few here in New York believe that Hillary cares for our great state, we were merely a springboard to her run for the White House. The reasons for choosing New York were many I am sure, none being more enticing than the amount of money she could generate from the wealthiest of New Yorkers.

Yet, what Hillary never took into consideration is the one thing, particularly since 9/11, that makes New Yorkers who were are. We demand many things, one of them being loyalty. You don’t have to go much beyond Yankee Stadium to have a visual perception of this fact. Many of us around the Empire State are keenly aware of the fact that Hillary used us and are none too happy about it.

Here Dick Morris nails Hillary for her smoke and mirrors routine and the fact that Bill is far too involved with the day to events of her campaign. Simply put Hillary cannot have it both ways yet, that is exactly what she is trying to do. She tries to appear strong in standing up to the Boys Club but yet when they push back she retreats to the female portion of the Democratic Party based to stir up some more publicity. Make no mistake about it, Hillary’s appearance at Welsley the day after the most recent Presidential Debate was no fluke. It was methodically planned. If she got stomped on, she could have a Ladies Night to complain about the men or if she had a successful debate, she could scream “Girl Power” with her alma mater fan club. As Dick Morris regularly reminds us, everything in the Clinton Camp is methodically planned and scheduled, not much unlike a movie script.

Yet the question is, has all of the marketing and publicity leading up to this film’s faux -pas ridden premiere by the leading couple that the voting public just isn’t going to spend their hard earned votes on this film that is sure to flop?

Let’s just say that I’m sure that the majority of loyal New Yorkers will not be waiting in line to see this film.


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One response to “Dick Morris: Are Hillary and Bill imploding?

  1. Are the imploding? Absolutely not. This is an absurd assumption.
    Hillary is the ONLY candidate with these 4 attributes: honor, patriotism, loyalty, and kindness. I got $35 in the bank that says no other candidate has those attributes.

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