John Kerry “fighting” torture – huh?


I have had comments deleted now here and here in response to the absurd new “fight” that John Kerry has aligned himself with, torture and Veterans’ issues.   In the above posts he refers to the present debate over water-boarding and goes on a rant about how it is immoral among other things.  For those of you unaware of Kerry’s life before becoming a U.S. Senator, he was one of the major faces of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War after his brief service in Vietnam. 

He testified before Congress about supposed “atrocities” committed by US Servicemen while serving in Vietnam.  He referred to these men as baby-killers, rapists and war mongers just to mention a few.  For his full testimony, feel free to go here.  Yet now it seems, with a Republican in the White House, John Kerry is returning to his Veteran roots and is now supposedly reaching out to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are “in need of help”.  Being the cynical person that I am, I find this almost comical.   A generation ago he was doing everything he could to disgrace and dishonor anyone who served during Vietnam, yet today, for political spite he is embracing the same type of heroes that he shunned in the early 1970’s. 

 Going a step further, he again attempted to “bury” our POW/MIAs so as to give the White House the cover to re-establish relations and eventually trade with the Vietnamese long before they gave us a full accounting for our missing American Servicemen.  He saw to it that information presented before the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA Affairs was brushed under the rug on hundreds of cases to paint a bleak picture of the issues to the general public.

Yet, today he is speaking out again torture and reaching out to Veterans.  During Vietnam more than just a handful of former POWs directly attribute their augmentation of the level of torture they received as well as extending their time in captivity to John Kerry’s actions as a spokesperson for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.  Speeches and public statements made by Kerry and his ilk were played repeatedly over the PA system in the Hanoi Hilton.  This has come straight from the mouths of these men.  

I have personally spoken with Vietnam Veterans who were spit on when they returned from Southeast Asia.  Marines who, after hearing about what was happening to their fellow fighting men upon their return to the States, decided to change out of their uniforms in the airport bathroom into civilian clothes to avoid confrontations with the public.  These acts of disrespect are correlated to Kerry’s testimony linked above.   But, today, it seems he has some ulterior motive to offer “help” to our returning heroes from Iraq and Afghanistan.

One has to ask, what is his reason for involving himself with these issues today?  His involvement historically has been, to put it kindly, sporadic at best and surely not in support of our fighting men.

I wonder what he is up to ….. now.


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