Washington Post: Spitzer Abandons Immigrant Licenses


YES!  The WaPo is reporting  here that NY Governor Elliot Spitzer has decided to throw in the towel on the immigrant license plan!  As a proud New Yorker myself, I was thrilled to read this latest news.  Yet the sheer beauty of it all is that the Dems fell on their own sword on this one.   I seriously doubt it would have taken center stage at if it were for the Democratic Presidential Debate, so I actually get to thank her for that.  Spitzer all about had this one in the bag it appeared, yet when it became a national debate fodder with Hillary’s inability to say YES or NO, it became dynamite.

 It was interesting to read via the WaPo that approximately 70% of New Yorkers were against the licenses.  I actually found that somewhat of a surprise, a welcomed surprise to say the least.  I sense that no state wants to be the “first” to put the nail in the coffin of what citizenship stands for.  In all honestly, aside from the right to vote, what else do illegals have to gain?  They are eligible for social services, public and private educations, they can have bank accounts and loans, they work, pay minimal taxes, can drive cars, get insurance and get a license.   What else is really left?

 Yet, I am wondering of either the Hillary Campaign or the Democratic Party itself, asked Spitzer to fall on his sword to get this issue out of the news cycle.   What do you think?

 UPDATE 11/15 @ 10:26 am:  It seems that after a Democratic pow-wow in Washington, Clinton now supports Spitzer’s actions in abandoning licenses for immigrants and has decided to make immigration center stage.  More here.


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