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aka “The Daily Whine”

I have, and always will be, a firm believer in the old adage, “Know thy enemy”.  With that said, I have decided that there is a need from time to time to stroll over to the Daily Kos and see what kind of drivel they are conjuring up.  Well, to comically quote Peanut, the purple furry ape in ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s comedy act, “OH MY GOD!”

 Left of Center has taken on a whole new meaning!  The post that caught my eye on this visit to the Kosacks was this one, here. It addresses the ever popular “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” on the simple act of providing some sort of photo ID when voting in this country. Now, after reading the long winded post by Avenging Angel, I guess that some people missed the “common sense line” when they were born.

We, as a nation, regardless of political affiliation, are regularly asked to present some form of Photo ID when we do any of the following:

Cash a Check
Pay with a Check
Use a Credit Card
Open a Bank Account
Close a Bank Account
Pick Up a Child at School
Apply for a Passport
Travel within the United States
Travel outside of the United States
When we are pulled over by Law Enforcement
When we are questioned by Law Enforcement
Applying for a job
Applying for almost any kind of insurance
Entering a Government Building
Renting a Car ….

…… I think you get the point. So, why? Why is it so far fetched to simply ask for some sort of photo ID when heading to the Voting Booth? We do it in all different facets of our daily lives without even thinking about it, yet it makes people on the far left go NUTS when it is used in the context of voting! They claim that it is an attack on their party, it will keep Democrats from going to the polls. Huh? And the worst part is, most Americans already have a Driver’s License or a State Issued photo ID card and many of us have passports as well. So, I guess the question is, what percentage of Voting Americans will be turned away from going to the polls by refusing to obtain some sort of Photo ID?

“…the Indiana, Georgia and other similar laws are an essential ingredient of the Republican strategy of “Divide, Suppress and Conquer” which aims to drive down the participation of potential Democratic and independent voters through unprecented redistricting, curbs on registration, onerous new ID requirements, and polling place eligibility challenges…”

Why is voting being singled out while other such mundane tasks as banking are considered acceptable?

Redistricting? (Is that even in the legislation?)

Curb Registration? It hasn’t stopped people from getting Driver’s Licenses, what makes the Left think that is will effect voters?

ID Requirements? There are ID requirement for just about everything on this planet – let alone in this Nation! The EU has even more stringent use of photo IDs and all the other nations of the Western World. Hmm, I wonder if they know about the ID cards that are required in some Middle-Eastern nations? The ones where they (GASP!) include an individual’s religion!

Poling Place Eligibility Challenges? So, should we be assuming that all polling places are now run, nationwide, by we neo-cons? Does that mean that we should expect different behavior from poll workers during the Democratic Primaries vs. the Republican Primaries? What in God’s name are these people thinking???

So, I guess they have no problem with all the other kinds of fraud that goes on in our nation today. Social Security Fraud, Identity Theft, Insurance Fraud, Tax Fraud … all of these types of fraud cost our nation and taxpayers billions each year. Why then, please just let me ask why, we can’t tackle voter fraud?

Ok, I want to see hard numbers. I want to see this Avenging Angel to go out into a highly Democratic Congressional District and ask potential voters how to curb voter fraud. Who wants to bet the farm that over 80% will say that a photo ID will suffice?

Once again, the Left does what it does best, whine and not present a logical, well thought out alternative. But then again, they have no time for that because they only actively participate in the Blame Game.

*eyes rolling*


– Marc


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